Preet Singh Khalsa

Analyst, Stockholm

Preet’s passion for startups led him to join while in college, then a series B consumer fintech startup with no revenue. There, he led multiple initiatives including scaling the core payments platform to handle 100x volumes and launching a consumer payments product that logs xx mn transactions/ month. He saw CRED’s journey as it grew to $6.5 bn in valuation, 5x team members and established category leadership in multiple product/ revenue lines. Following this, Preet worked with the early stage investment team at Accel focusing on consumer, healthcare and fintech.

As a tech analyst at EQT Ventures, Preet is obsessed with finding the next internet scale generation defining startup and identifying trends that make certain markets fertile for this. He spends most of his time in consumer sector and gets excited on spotting any combination of the following keywords- network effects, dopamine via digital, system of records, workflow muscle memory, why now and secular tailwind. Preet grew up in India and double majored in electrical engineering and economics at BITS Pilani.

Outside work, Preet can be found running, playing racquet sports, reading timeless non-fiction and staring out of his balcony connecting disparate dots.