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An Artificial Intelligence <br> to re-define Venture Capital

Motherbrain is here to change the investment landscape. It applies a tech-first approach to a process that had been static for decades - the black box of VC. By harnessing the latest in machine learning and big data, Motherbrain gazes past the horizon to what lies ahead. 

It’s our super bot, loaded dice, unfair advantage - maybe even boss?

Half VC, half startup

Built in-house by a full-stack team of software developers, data scientists, ML engineers, and UX designers, Motherbrain scans the startup universe for leading signals in the digital footprints of companies. It sifts through millions of data points every day to find the unexpected.

As our hardest working team member, it gives us limitless vision and perfect memory. It’s our more than human colleague, engineered to be the best in the world at what it does - identifying potential.

Human-driven, data-centric

The human + machine teamwork makes it our superpower. We use it across our workflow to complement our team’s skillset and decision-making, guiding everything from sourcing and due diligence to portfolio management.

Motherbrain makes mental leaps and bounds that we’ll never match, but more importantly, it channels our most precious resource: time. Motherbrain allows us to focus on the most valuable activity — working with founders.

Motherbrain power

We challenge the industry we work in, are always under construction, and constantly refine how we work together - that’s how we built Motherbrain.

It’s also how we found AnyDesk, CodeSandbox, Handshake, Griffin, WarDucks, and Peakon, which became the world’s first exit by an AI-driven investment.

But it’s no substitute for a meeting IRL - that comes after Motherbrain gives us the first nudge in the right direction.

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