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We’re EQT Ventures, a VC built by former founders and operators ready to support the next generation of global winners

Building a global tech company is challenging. We know because we’ve done it too. Without the right people around you, getting to great is almost impossible.

That’s why we decided to create EQT Ventures, a new kind of VC, the VC we always wanted on our own startup journeys.

A VC that is accessible, supportive and fully committed. A partner that knows what it takes to put everything on the line. A VC built to serve the founders it backs.

From offices in Stockholm, London, Berlin, Paris and San Francisco, we invest in and support entrepreneurs building the next-generation of global winners.

Entrepreneurs will always be at the core of everything we do. We’re entrepreneurs at heart and there’s nothing we thrive from more than working with founders.

No matter where you are on your journey or the challenges you face, chances are we’ve been there too and can overcome them together.

Fund Facts.

EQT Ventures deploys a multi-stage, sector-agnostic strategy, making equity investments from €1 to €75 million in start-ups and scale-ups across Europe and the US. We're open for business, with commitments available for new investments.

EQT Ventures I
EQT Ventures II
EQT Ventures III

EQT Ventures I launched in May 2016, with commitments of €566 million.

EQT Ventures II launched in November 2019, with commitments of €660 million.

EQT Ventures III launched in November 2022, with commitments of €1.1 billion.