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Fuelled by some of Europe’s most obsessive company builders, engineers, designers, marketeers, data scientists and scaling experts, EQT Ventures supports ambitious founders on their journeys to global success. The Story

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The EQT Ventures fund invests in technology-driven companies across all industries, from anywhere in the world. If you’d like to come in contact with us to discuss a potential investment, please don’t hesitate to upload your company here. Click here for other contact options.

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From start-up to scale-up and growth

Building a global tech company is challenging. We know because we’ve done it too. No matter where you are on your journey and what your challenges are, chances are we’ve been there too and we can overcome them together.


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Meet the team - Naza Metghalchi

Naza is EQT Ventures' business development lead and heads up the EQT Access program,  a programme that unlocks opportunities between corporates, scale-ups and industry experts. Find out how Naza helps accelerate our portfolio companies’ growth, secure high-value enterprise customers, gain market intelligence, and more...

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Our portfolio

On EQT Ventures’ investment in Baffin Bay Networks, the full-stack, cloud-first cyber security platform

Recently, Stockholm-based cyber security company Baffin Bay Networks announced its $6.4m Series A, led by EQT Ventures. Long gone are the innocent days when cyber attacks were conducted by mischievous teens with a 2400 baud modem. Carding, phreaking and remote controlling your colleague’s CD tray with Netbus (sooo much fun) have been replaced by some of the most advanced and ambitious software projects created by man. How does Baffin Bay Networks help protect organizations from these new threats? Find out here...

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Our portfolio

On EQT’s acquisition of Banking Circle, building the next generation infrastructure for cross-border payments

Earlier this week, EQT announced that it was acquiring Saxo Payments Banking Circle (Banking Circle). This was a different kind of deal for the EQT Ventures fund as it joined forces with EQT VIII, which will have majority ownership, and in partnership with Banking Circle’s founders and other co-investors. I know what you’re thinking — and you’re right! This isn’t a typical type of deal for EQT Ventures, so why participate? Read on to find out!

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Our portfolio

On EQT Ventures’ €23.4m investment in BIMobject, accelerating the digitization of the construction industry.

This morning, EQT Ventures announced its EUR 23.4m investment in Swedish BIMobject, a company that is operating at the forefront of digitizing the construction industry. Chances are you’re now thinking “wait, what? You just invested a big ticket in a public company?” Read on and I’ll reveal why...

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