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The EQT Ventures fund invests in technology-driven companies across all industries, from anywhere in the world. If you’d like to come in contact with us to discuss a potential investment, please don’t hesitate to upload your company here. Click here for other contact options.

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From start-up to scale-up and growth

Building a global tech company is challenging. We know because we’ve done it too. No matter where you are on your journey and what your challenges are, chances are we’ve been there too and we can overcome them together.


How do you build an army of customer advocates?

Your customers are your marketing team’s secret weapon and the most powerful sales tool you have, but participating in case studies, press activities, events and reference calls can take up a lot of your customers’ time. So, what’s in it for them and how can you start building up your army of customer advocates? Lucy Wimmer, Communications Partner at EQT Ventures, shares some of her top tips

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Top tips for startup interviews - not for the candidate, for you!

Ahead of an interview with your company, candidates will more than likely spend hours (if not days) preparing responses to potential questions. They may have spent days perfecting their presentations and plans, and all you have to do is have a quick glance through their CV before strolling into the interview room, right? Wrong. As the interviewer, you have to put in a lot of preparation too. Jo Bertram, Executive in Residence at EQT Ventures, shares her tips on how to run an effective interview process and make sure that you and the candidate get the most out of it.

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EQT Ventures is looking for a Venture Lead, based in San Francisco

The Venture Lead role is full-time, based at EQT Ventures office downtown in San Francisco Financial District and will include travels to Europe on a quarterly basis. The person in this role will be working directly with our San Francisco partner and will be a key member of the deal team that meets and evaluates founders of startups. They’ll act as project lead for the multiple work streams connected to sourcing, evaluation and investing in an EQT Ventures portfolio company. Join us!

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Are you ready to hire a team of top talent?

When you set up your company, you (and your co-founders, if you have them) are the entire team. Chances are, you’ll be juggling marketing, product, HR, finance and a number of other roles to get your company off the ground. But this multitasking can only last for so long. To be successful and build a global winner, you need to surround yourself with an all-star team. But attracting and hiring the best people for the job is hard work. Here are some top tips from Jo Bertram, Executive in Residence at EQT Ventures, for hiring your winning team.

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