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Fuelled by some of Europe’s most obsessive company builders, engineers, designers, marketeers, data scientists and scaling experts, EQT Ventures supports ambitious founders on their journeys to global success. The Story

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The EQT Ventures fund invests in technology-driven companies across all industries, from anywhere in the world. If you’d like to come in contact with us to discuss a potential investment, please don’t hesitate to upload your company here. Click here for other contact options.

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From start-up to scale-up and growth

Building a global tech company is challenging. We know because we’ve done it too. No matter where you are on your journey and what your challenges are, chances are we’ve been there too and we can overcome them together.


Meet the team - Henrik Landgren

Prior to joining EQT Ventures, operating partner Henrik built the analytics team at Spotify. Having ensured Spotify could leverage its huge data sets to accelerate the business, Henrik now helps our portfolio companies create their analytics strategy and build a data-driven culture from the offset. Find out what he's looking for in future investments.

Hiring your first salespeople - the who, why and how

Finding great sales leaders is hard - particularly when your company is still in the early stages. You need somebody that is results-driven, comes highly recommended, and is a great cultural fit. So, where do you start? Here are some of Simon Kelly's tips on how to make sure you find and hire the right sales people for your business.

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EQT Ventures is hiring a management associate in Stockholm

The EQT Ventures team is hiring a management associate, based in Stockholm, to work with one of our founding partners. If you'd like to join a team of passionate founders and operators who are on a mission to provide entrepreneurs with the support and advice needed to build a global success story, find out more about the role!

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Are you obsessed with product-market fit? You should be!

When building your business, finding product-market fit should be a key priority. Once you've got product-market fit, sales will be effortless and the company can accelerate and expand into new territories. All too often, founders think they've found product-market fit and continue to ignore the warning signs until it's too late. So what are the red flags you should watch out for and how can you make sure you get product-market fit right from the offset?

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