Gustav von Sydow

Partner, Stockholm

Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, Gustav launched his first startup while still in high school. Following a stint as an award-winning advertising creative and developer, Gustav co-founded and became the CEO of Burt Corporation, a startup studio focused on data-first products.

Over the next decade, Burt established offices in Stockholm and New York and launched products at conferences such as TechCrunch50 and DEMO, many of them used daily by the world's leading internet companies, media groups, and consumer brands. In parallel, Gustav established himself as an active supporter of other early-stage startups, often acting as a bridge to the New York ecosystem for European founders and investors, including EQT.

In 2022, Gustav joined EQT Ventures as an Entrepreneur In Residence, leading the development of a new, AI-driven approach to startup discovery and due diligence, which has already influenced a significant number of our investments. Gustav is now a Partner, accelerating our US expansion while supporting the build-out of a newly formed team in Stockholm spearheading the AI strategy for EQT’s early-stage funds.

In his new role as Partner, Gustav will continue to follow his passion for accelerating the velocity of innovation. Ideally, he partners with early-stage founders who develop platforms or networks designed to provide other scientists, builders, and entrepreneurs with the leverage they need to create lasting, transformative change.