Olivia Lindström

Head of Network and Events, Stockholm

With 6 years experience arranging events and scaling communities, Olivia joined the team in 2022. Olivia started her career as a project manager at an event agency in Stockholm where she arranged everything from marketing road shows to big conferences and global offsites.

As a 25-year-old, she took over the event business at Breakit, a Swedish news site covering tech and startups. There she led the department towards increasing sales despite the pandemic by starting up new business areas, such as four c-suite networks and digital courses.

The event planning does not end with the working day. In her spare time she loves to arrange private events. When it’s not her wedding, it's surprise parties, dinners, and crayfish parties. Olivia is also a foodie at heart and loves to explore new restaurants and rate them in her own rating system.