Mia Wähälä

Head of Talent, Berlin

With experience working within the 0-1 phase of a series of startups in Berlin, Mia joined EQT Ventures in 2021. As Head of Talent, Mia spends a lot of her time building hiring toolkits with and for founders, their People & Talent functions and the fund itself for more effective and data driven hiring practices.

Having lived, studied and worked around Europe throughout her life, Mia speaks six languages and holds a law degree from the University of Bristol and an Art History Masters qualification from the University of Glasgow.

Mia is an avid podcast junkie and reader - especially anything by Shane Parrish, Jim Dethmer or Brené Brown. To quote psychotherapist Esther Perel, she too shares the belief that “the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives”, and spends a lot of her time diving into readings on the human psyche, as well as group and relationship dynamics.