Josh Brewer

Entrepreneur in Residence, San Francisco

Prior to joining EQT Ventures, Josh was the cofounder and CEO of Abstract, a design workflow platform that helped some of the world’s best companies scale design. The vision for Abstract came from Josh’s first-hand experience as Principal Designer at Twitter, where he led the design of key initiatives across the Twitter product. His unique perspective and experience are why Fast Company named him one of “fifty designers shaping the future of design.”

After a decade of designing at startups, Josh left Twitter to start Habitat, an incubator focused on de-risking early-stage exploration that produced Abstract and, one of Slack’s first ecosystem investments.

With a strong focus on interpersonal communication and product experience across Consumer, Enterprise, Mobile, and B2B SaaS, Josh is a world-class coach for founders.

In his free time, Josh enjoys making music, hiking, snowboarding, and adventuring all over California with his wife and kids.