Hjalmar Winbladh

Partner, Stockholm

Seven-time entrepreneur, has achieved a number of successful exits.

The epitome of the serial entrepreneur, Hjalmar is a seven-time founder, having previously built and managed global technology companies such as Wrapp, Rebtel and Sendit. The world’s first mobile Internet company, Sendit, was later acquired by Microsoft in 1999. An early pioneer of the European tech ecosystem, Hjalmar has been at the forefront of technological innovation and disruption since the advent of the internet. Now a seasoned industry veteran, Hjalmar has a number of successful exits under his belt, including an IPO and two M&A deals with publicly listed companies, and Angel investments in the likes of iZettle and Epidemic Sound.

As a founding partner at EQT Ventures, Hjalmar launched the fund with the mission of creating global winners out of Europe and being the kind of VC that he would have wanted on his entrepreneurial journey. In pursuit of this goal, Hjalmar works closely with the most ambitious European founders, helping them to execute their visions. Providing portfolio companies with his sage advice, Hjalmar hopes to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs to come out of Europe.

Outside of work, you can often find Hjalmar travelling the globe and breaking a sweat at a local gym class in whichever city he finds himself.

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Resume in short


Partner, EQT Ventures

(4 years, 1 month) Stockholm

Chairman of the Board & Co-founder, Wrapp

(4 years, 5 months) Stockholm

Chairman of the Board, Sportradar AG

(5 years, 4 months) Stockholm

Board Member & Co-founder, Epidemic Sound

(9 years, 4 months) Stockholm

Chairman of the Board & Co-founder, Rebtel

(13 years, 4 months) Stockholm

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