Henrik Landgren

Partner, Stockholm

A self-taught developer from childhood, Henrik has been experimenting with technology ever since learning to read. Having subsequently completed his formal education with a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping University in Sweden, Henrik started his career as a management consultant at McKinsey, before joining Spotify as VP of Analytics in 2010.

At the music-streaming startup, Henrik set up the analytics systems and processes for the platform, pushing the boundaries of what was then possible with big data and machine learning algorithms. With his analytical mindset and data-driven attitude, Henrik acted as a catalyst in the exponential growth of the service, pioneering the way in which the company deployed data as a foundational pillar of its operations.

As a Partner at EQT Ventures, Henrik helps our portfolio companies accelerate and integrate their analytics processes and KPIs into their operational workflow. By moving in this direction, startups benefit from leveraging data to continuously drive insights, learnings and decision making. Rather than simply outsourcing such functions to algorithms, Henrik works closely with founders to help them devise ways of working symbiotically with data-centric technologies.

As part of the Motherbrain team, Henrik is once again leading the charge in transforming a legacy industry. This time around, with Motherbrain, Henrik is disrupting how VCs operate, using big data and artificial intelligence to enable new groups of people to access funding.

Outside of work, Henrik spends 110% of his time with his family and three kids, often wondering how the learning and developmental psychology of children intersects with the building of self-learning AI models.