Ali Mitchell

Partner, London

A naval engineer by training, Ali started his career designing ships and boats, before embarking on his own startup journey around the time of the dot-com bubble. Having gone through a trial by fire with the crash, Ali joined dunnhumby - the retail customer data pioneer - as its first product leader. There, he built the SaaS business from zero to $50m in three years before leaving to found Huddle, the online file-sharing and collaboration company. With enterprise and government customers worldwide, Huddle soon scaled into the US, opening offices in San Francisco, New York and Washington D.C, and was later acquired in 2017.

With his first hand experience of building B2B SaaS companies, Ali is obsessed with figuring out product-market fit and helping our portfolio companies establish the right time to jump into hyper scaling mode. At EQT Ventures, Ali works closely with Standard Cognition, Darkstore, Beamery, Permutive, Mental Canvas, HackerOne, Unomaly, Oden Technologies and Token.

In his free time, Ali enjoys sailing boats and building cars, re-connecting him to his background in naval architecture and engineering.