EQT Ventures invests in technology-driven companies across all industries, from anywhere in the world, with a primary focus in the European region. The fund expects to employ a multi-stage strategy to make equity investments typically ranging between € 3 million and € 75 million, from A round, ranging all the way to growth rounds. This means EQT Ventures’ support window is wider than a typical single-phase fund.

In order to support the partnering companies on their journeys to become global winners, EQT Ventures is designed as a hybrid between a VC and a startup. With deep specialist experience, a team of in-house operating partners offer value added services when needed.

The services:


Every startup starts with an idea, but it’s the execution that really matters. Building of the combined experience and expertise of the whole team, EQT Ventures offers support in implementing frameworks for continuous refinement of existing products, of models and processes to identify new opportunities.

Design & User Experience

To us, design is way more than just veneer. We look at it as a way of connecting to the realities of the user lives, and crafting delightful experiences around it. EQT Ventures helps founders understand the behaviors of their customers better, solve problems visually and build strong product, design and UX teams.

Ted Persson

Operating Partner, Product/UX/Brand

Built some of the world’s leading digital product & marketing agencies


Growth puts a lot of stress on a start-up’s technology architecture. EQT Ventures’ tech support ranges from selecting the right tech stack to putting in place a scalable technology architecture and to building strong tech organizations.


EQT Ventures helps entrepreneurs improve their analytics stack, set short- and long-term Key Performance Indicators and measure and gear the business towards growth.

Henrik Landgren

Operating Partner, Analytics

Built Spotify’s global analytics team

Marketing, Branding & PR

In an increasingly competitive world, the right storytelling can determine winner from losers. EQT Ventures helps partnering companies with getting the foundation for a strong brand with a distinct voice right, from insight to brand foundation, messaging and PR.

Ali Mitchell


In-depth experience of B2B software, sales and marketing.

Lucy Wimmer

Operating Partner, Comms

Naza Metghalchi

Business Development Lead

Global roll-out & scaling

Scaling a company that isn’t ready to be scaled is one of the start-up world’s deadliest sins. But not scaling one that is ready is even deadlier. EQT Ventures’ scaling team helps ambitious founders to become global winners.


EQT Ventures’ operating partners support entrepreneurs building successful recruitment practices and identify strong candidates.


And if we need skills not available in-house, we might find them in our network of renowned entrepreneurs who've invested in our Mentor's fund. Or we'll find them at EQT and its network of Industrial Advisors.  Or among all the people we know from our own previous journeys as entrepreneurs.

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