At EQT Ventures, we understand that building a global winner requires more than just funding - it requires an ecosystem of expertise and support.

Our full-service team

The EQT Ventures team is made up of founders and operators who wanted to create the kind of VC they wish they’d had on their entrepreneurial journey. A VC that provides support and advice throughout different stages of growth. Our full-service team of design and UX experts, data scientists, marketers, brand builders, analytics specialists, engineers, talent gurus, international expansion experts, and more, is ready to help the next generation of founders build global winners. Find out more about everyone here.

Bridging the US and Europe

With teams on the ground in London, Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam and San Francisco, EQT Ventures has a locals with locals approach and helps support the best European startups as they expand into the US. For US founders, the team’s in-depth knowledge of the European market makes EQT Ventures the ideal partner to scale into Europe with.

EQT Access

The EQT Access programme aims to accelerate our portfolio companies’ growth and increase their exposure by connecting them to a global network of mid to large-sized organizations. This gives them the opportunity to secure high-value enterprise customers and partners, gain market intelligence and expand into new markets.

Our network

If the EQT Ventures team doesn’t have the skills needed in-house, we can call upon all the people we know from our own previous journeys as entrepreneurs or EQT’s established global network of more than 500+ business executives and entrepreneurs.

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