EQT Ventures partners with Unomaly

Today, we're happy to announce that EQT Ventures leads the €4 M A-round of Unomaly. Based in Stockholm and founded in 2012, Unomaly helps companies avoid IT incidents by automatically analyzing all the data their IT systems produce.

Smart algorithms continuously learns the baseline patterns of normal IT operation, and alerts if anything starts behaving out of the normal. By doing so, customers can avoid IT crashes, problems and breaches and fix the cause before the problems arise, instead of after.

“Unomaly is the perfect example of the kind of team EQT Ventures wants to partner with. Great founders solving a large and complex problem using ground breaking technology. Machine learning is all the hype right now, but this is an approach where it really excels”, says Andreas Thorstensson, Tech Partner at EQT Ventures, who also will be joining the board of directors.

Current customers span 11 countries and include 2/4 Scandinavian consumer banks, Nuclear powerplants and a broad set of Internet companies. Unomaly will leverage the funds to further strengthen sales and engineering operations. This Series A follows a €1.9 M in seed funding in 2013.

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