CallDesk raises €2.1 million to transform customer call centre experience with Artificial Intelligence

CallDesk’s AI-based virtual agent works alongside teleoperators to improve customer experience and lower costs. Using proprietary AI-based architecture that understands intent and creates a natural dialogue, the virtual agent can autonomously handle simple, but time-consuming tasks. These include scheduling, order management, authentication, and call routing and qualification. With the virtual agent dealing with these repetitive requests, teleoperators can focus their time and efforts on handling more high-value, complex issues.

Founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneurs Vincent Gire and Aimé Dushimire, the AI-powered virtual agent for handling customer calls has now raised a €2.1 million seed round. The investors in the round were Point Nine Capital and the EQT Ventures fund (“EQT Ventures”).

“With CallDesk, we set out to apply the latest advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI to a traditional industry and significantly improve customer service, security and costs,” said Vincent Gire, co-founder and CEO. “In the traditional call centre set-up, customers are often placed in queues, directed through to the wrong department, and get frustrated talking to a system that just doesn’t understand them. Our intelligent agents have real cognitive and conversational abilities, providing teleoperators with the support they need to deal with more complex queries and provide exceptional customer service. This investment will enable us to continue our product and commercial development, as well as grow an amazing, customer-centric workforce. In Point Nine and EQT Ventures, we’ve found a team that can provide us with the expertise we need to support us on the next stage of our journey.”

"Voice remains key to human interactions," said Andreas Thorstensson, Technology Partner and investment advisor to EQT Ventures. "EQT Ventures was impressed by the way that Vincent and Aimé had applied a full stack AI solution to solve many of the issues associated with the global call centre industry. By creating a cognitive, language agnostic service, the team clearly has global ambitions and EQT Ventures is looking forward to helping CallDesk scale and develop its product."

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