We just turned five

EQT Ventures celebrates its 5th anniversary. 80 companies later, it's time for some cake and reflection. Read more

Providing more than just capital

Photo of Miki Kuusi, co-founder and CEO
Photo of Timo Soininen, founder and CEO
Photo of Urho Konttori, co-founder and CPO
Photo of Nikki Lannen, founder and CEO
Photo of Jaime Jorge, co-founder and CEO
Photo of Thilo Konzok, co-founder and CEO
“Although one of Europe’s biggest funds, the EQT Ventures team is made up of incredibly strong operators turned investors. They really understand what it takes to build a business and their entrepreneurial outlook makes them a great cultural fit for founders. We’ve had exceptional support in leadership, fundraising advice, marketing and more and it’s great to have a true partnership!”
“Kudos to EQT Ventures and Lars Jörnow. Our journey quite simply wouldn’t have been possible without your support and deep competence in building and running games as a business. You guys set the benchmark for all VC’s out there!”
“Working with EQT Ventures, we’ve been able to get connections we never would have been able to previously. The team provides us with active support, has helped us find great technical collaboration partners, including Saab, and potential customers.”
“EQT Ventures brings so much to the table over just money as the team is very experienced in the gaming space, particularly Lars. For us, if we could pick any investor to have on board, it would be EQT Ventures.”
“It’s notable the amount of experience and learnings we were able to accelerate by working with EQT Ventures. The team knows how to deal with a growing startup because they’ve been on the other side.”
“You just want to work with people that have been in your shoes. We were really impressed by the quality and speed of the team.”
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EQT Ventures celebrates its 5th Anniversary!

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Meet our team

EQT Ventures is fuelled by a team of founders and operators ready to provide entrepreneurs with the hands-on support needed to build global winners.

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